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1.The company Introduction

KATVR's full name is Hangzhou Virtual Technology Co., Ltd. It is a company that is working on the research and development of the virtual reality interactive equipment and technology operation, having a goal to provide users with a more complete VR immersive experience.

KATVR has more than 20 independent intellectual property rights at home and abroad, and they focus on different research and development areas, including virtual reality interactive technology, ergonomics and action capture technology. Their independent research and development product is the world's first non-binding VR mobile platform, and the company is one of the two world major providers of ODT (Omni-directional treadmill).

KATVR goes through the core of VR technology and actively expands the business-oriented VR content. The company has completed the Zhejiang Construction Group safety education training project, held the fire safety simulation project in six hospitals and gradually developed into a professional content production company.

2.The development history (recommended in the form of the time axis):

2013 - team formation.

2014, September - KATVR participated in the first China VRplay Virtual Reality Industry Experience Exhibition. The company demonstrated the KAT virtual reality interactive products, received good evaluation from the industry and a high degree of attention from the domestic media, was proposed dozens of domestic team cooperations, sponsorship and investment offers.

2015, February - KATVR participated in the future of Hangzhou - Zhejiang Science and Technology City Dream Town. Win the first "pioneer business venture" contest, and was in the first batch of seed enterprises settled in the Dream Town. Was featured on Zhejiang TV and many other media reports.

2015, May - KATVR participated in China's first smart hardware exhibition, officially released KAT SPEED cabin for driving simulation, got access to a large number of agents and purchase offers.

2015, June - KATVR participated in the US TechMedia TechCrunch China summit with the latest prototype of world's first KAT WALK virtual reality treadmill, was featured in TechCrunch China, SINA technology, Sohu technology, 36 krypton, Lei Feng network and many other technology media reports.

2015, July - company appears on the Kickstarter global crowdfunding platform with the KAT WALK virtual reality treadmill, reached one-third of the claimed budget in three hours, reached the total amount of money within one month. Was featured in more than 30 international media, including VRfocus, VR-NERDS, AR TRENDS and other reports.

2015, July - KATVR participated in China Joy, was featured in Asian technology, Tencent, Lei Feng net, 36 krypton and other technology media.

2015, November - KATVR won the "2015 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" award.

2015, November - KATVR was invited by Tencent at the WE conference speech: the world's first non-bound VR treadmill.

2015, December - KATVR participated in China's second VRplay virtual reality exhibition as a gold sponsor.

2016, January - KATVR received nine investments, Star Yuan Capital and Jin Fu Capital angel round investments.

2016, January - KATVR won the 2015 China Smart Hardware Billboard for KAT WALK VR omnidirectional treadmill as the most popular intelligent hardware product.

2016, April - KATVR CEO Pang Chen was selected as a "Discover China's innovative power" TOP30 star founder.

2016, May - KATVR was invited to participate in the 2016 CES Asia Consumer Electronics Show, and was again featured in Tencent and TechNode media reports.

2016, May - KATVR attended YunQi Conference, CEO Pang Chen invited to give a speech on the topic of ODT-VR core standard.

2016, June - KATVR cooperated with CryEngine for the development of a large number of high-quality game content.

2016, July - KATVR held the KONTACT2016 Partner Exchange in Kontron 2010, officially launched the KAT SPACE and KAT PLAY - a full-range commercial solution.

2016, July 28th – was chosen as an exhibitor on the Shanghai 2016 China Joy, received an extremely positive feedback from the audience.

2016, September - during the G20 summit Chinese and foreign media focused on Zhejiang innovation, and as the KATVR achieved outstanding results in the field of VR, the company was featured on the German television station and Taiwan Zhongtian television.

2016, September - responed to "Hangzhou Science and Technology start-up project (2015-2017) training and implementation notice" (Hang Ke [2015] 79) request, KATVR (Hangzhou Virtual Technology Co., Ltd.) was classified as Hangzhou "Eagle Plan" business!

2016, October - China Amusement Park Association set up a virtual reality industry branch, KAT CEO Pang Chen was assigned as a committee member .

2016, November 19th - CEO Pang Chen appeared on the NEST2016 - virtual reality big contest exhibition, and gave a speech on the first VRWDC (VR Word Developers Conference) World Developers Forum

2016, November - 2016 China VR game award was announced, KATVR gains "the Best VR peripherals" award.

2016, December 10th - for three consecutive years the company was an exhibitor on the "VRplay2016 Beijing Exhibition", received the virtual reality industry attention, CEO Pang Chen participated in "VR play 2016 Summit Forum" and became an honored guest to explore the "VR immersion interaction."

2016, December 15th - KATVR appeared in Guangzhou "China VR experience store Union Conference" organized by Black Box, CEO Pang Chen gave an interview to the Black Box.

December 20th, 2016 - January 15th, 2017 - King of Gun King Tour • Shanxi Station.

2017, February 9th - KATVR received 30 million A round investments from Zhejiang gold Control capital and Silicon Valley Paradise.

2017, March 8th - at 2017 Asian VR & AR Expo KATVR with the cooperation of VR line business leading company Jiu, released the world's first integrated unlimited support online VR platform - V war.

2017, March 16 - 87870 and the global mobile game consortium GMGC jointly hosted the "VR + Industrial Ecology Union Conference" in Beijing, where KATVR won the AR / VR Industry Outstanding Enterprise Award - Best Peripheral Enterprise Award.

2017, March 18th - 2017 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment and Equipment Fair was held by the China Amusement Park Association in Beijing, KATVR appeared with LeKe VR

2017, April 27 - GMIC Beijing 2017 (Global Mobile Internet Conference), CEO Pang Chen officially released the new KAT WALK.

2017, May 12, - KATVR gaming stage debut on the Wuhan AR VR Asia Expo & Playground.

2017, July 27 - KAT WALK with the cooperation with Jiu, Intel, ASUS, Electric Soul, again appeared on the ChinaJoy, were on the Jiu's PCxVR cross-line competition contest, the KAT WALK VR action platform was demonstrated as VR game of choice.

2017, August 5 – KATVR went through the intense expert review and was successfully selected to Hangzhou Hai Chongyuan 2 • Chinese artificial intelligence town.

2017, August 11 - KATVR participated in the 2017DEXPO China International Digital Entertainment Industry Expo, and also released KAT WALK Junior (children's version) mobile platform.




Requires 3 steps to start using the machine, convenient operation

Easy to run into the game battle, operates smoothly

Futuristic appearance

Freedom of movement without any restrictions

KAT WALK Deluxe Edition

Designed by the top industrial design team

Extreme level of ergonomics

Full package design, more convenient

Has a military-level quality and durability


KAT WALK game set

Constantly updated exclusive game shop

Full set of professional VR experience equipment

Easy visual touch screen operating system

Professional after-sale technical support system


KAT WALK gaming platform

Overall solution

Team cooperation

Extremely beautiful

Eye-catching stage appearance

4.Obtained certifications (see the attached form, awards picture has to be taken)


The 4th China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition

Excellent Enterprise

China Innovation Entrepreneurship Organizing Committee


Specially supported by ICBC Innovation and Entrepreneurship public welfare fund

Specially supported by Ping An Securities·Pratt & Whitney public welfare fund


Be Awarded


2016 17173 World Game Grand Ceremony

The Most influential VR Manufacturers in 2016

KAT VR- Exhibition

KAT VR——VR Experience Store