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Games for Junior

Supper Hammer: 

Developers: Hangzhou Shigong Technology Co., Ltd.

Game Type: Casual Game

Tags: cartoon, mission, checkpoints, one against a hundred enemies

Introduction to the game: simple direct shooting game, the player plays the protagonist to complete the tasks in each level, accumulating money to buy a variety of weapons and unlock a variety of gadgets. You can also freely explore the map, shooting enemies and wrecking things! 

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Developers: Archiact

Game Type: Casual Game

Tags: leisure, collaboration

Introduction to the game:  huge mechanical monsters are ravaging the city, as the city defender you pick up laser guns and use your super power to beat up the mechanical monsters!

Fun and fast-paced game play, engage in awesome combats “beating up the mechanical king” with support for two-player co-op, attack and defense abilities. Players must co-operate together understand enemy weaknesses and use them against them!

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